Current Version

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Concept Build: GUI and Nexus Update

Here's the change-log for the newest concept build:

    • Displays overhauled to show more information to the user
      • Combat screen now displays hovered and selected unit information
      • Skill menu now displays attack information and feature explanation
      • Attack and move combined into a single button
      • Defend action to lock unit when done with them
      • Nexus menu to display unit-specific actions
    • Player Character can now change class/weapons in and out of combat
    • Allies now have unique passive and active skills (see Nexus option)

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Tactical CoaT: Proof of Concept/Reboot

It's taken a bit more time than expected on my part, but I've finished assembling the core of the new CoaT engine that I'll be building on over the coming months, it's nothing fancy but I'm proud of it so far. As of now, my main goal is functionality for each of the parts, so things are not going to look the cleanest or behave the best, but they'll be in place for me to tweak later once all the other pieces have been put in place. As of now only the most basic pieces are in place, namely menu navigation, unit movement, attacking, and turn management, but I have a few more complex pieces lined up for the next few updates.

Feel free to mess around with what little is here for now and let me know if you find anything out of place, but otherwise I'll have a new update as soon as I get through my list of work~


Quick Notes:

Added with this update: Core Game
Next Up: Unit Management